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Qualification for these Japanese tours began in 1980 when Jerry was assigned to the US Embassy in Japan.  He met Carol in a flea market (also called a shrine sale) in 1989 while she was on a tour to Japan.  These markets provide opportunities to liberate wondrous treasures including:     TEXTILES,   DOLLS,    ANTIQUES,    OBI,   WOMEN'S KIMONO,   BOY'S DAY BANNERS,      WEDDING KIMONO,    CHILDREN'S KIMONO   and  BASKETS!    Within a short time, they were married.  Carol, having already lived for several months in Kyoto, adapted quickly to her new surroundings.   While in Japan, they traveled extensively , led many tours with friends and those who came to Japan on business.   Carol, as a member of the Tokyo-Washington Women's Club was selected to lead tours for their group where many of those on the tour were Japanese.   Over time, we became experts in many areas including how to lead tours, how to get about, where & when to go along with expertise in everything from textiles to antiques.  Upon return to the United States in January 1995, Carol gave many lectures on her life in Japan and shared her collection and expertise in Japanese textiles.   Many requests from personal friends,  attendees at Carol's lectures  and students in Carol's classes led to our decision to lead our first Japan tour in November 1997.  Since then we have led many additional tours.   Some guests have gone more than once.   Others are planning to go again.      

Our tours sell out early.   The 2006 tour was sold out 14 months prior to departure.   The March 2008 trip was sold out 8 months prior to departure.   The March 2009 trip was sold out 7 months prior to departure.   Economic conditions in 2010 resulted in a low number of guests but the tour was set to go.   Unfortunately, with but one day left before guests were heading to Japan for the pre-tour, we were confronted with the tsunami problem and had to cancel the tour.   With non-refundable airline & train tickets plus hotel reservations, guests lost but $60.   All were amazed and I repeat the loss was just sixty dollars!!! The March 2014 trip was sold out in July 2013.     The 2015 tour was very small with just 8 guests, 4 of which arrived early in Japan.  Two spent those extra days visiting Takayama while the other two spent the extra time in Kyoto.

We have been leading these tours for almost 20 years and have long since accomplished our goal of sharing our expertise.  However, we will book hotel rooms for a March 2017 tour where there will be a requirement to have at least 10 guests.  IF there are not enough guests by October of 2016, that trip will be cancelled and all deposits will be returned.     If you need more information, send an email to saber@olympus.net.

sightseeing kimono

          Carol and Jerry Saber at Kinkakuji in Kyoto                                    Kimono show in Kyoto                          Todaiji & feeding sacred deer in Nara


 Jerry & daughter at Nijo Castle garden & gate in Kyoto                                 Heian Shrine in Kyoto with children in their finest attire


Remember, we take no more than 18 guests.
bullet Arrive in Japan on 20 March with return on 3 April to enjoy the awesome display of cherry blossoms
bullet Arrive in Japan on 20 November with return on 4 December to enjoy the spectacular display of maple leaves. Unfortunately, due to the state of our economy, the fall tour has not had sufficient guests for several years and will probably not be run again until the economy improves.


Deposit check of $500 will hold your space AND only be cashed when there are sufficient guests to GO AND we have your approval to cash that check.   After that, the deposit is not refundable as it has already been spent to ensure we do not loose our outstanding hotel reservations.

Japan Japanese) travel

                     Shopping at flea markets                                                           Our guest and daughter dyeing shibori at Aizenkobo in Kyoto


      Painting on silk                     Weaving obi                         Jerry & daughter at Kiyomizudera in Kyoto                   Fall colors


                  Geisha, guest and daughter in Kyoto                                                 Carol, daughter & grand children at Heian Shrine  in Kyoto

DETAILS:  The tour price of $4,200 includes:



                            Daughter & grand daughter at Outdoor Sculpture Museum in Hakone                                                                                     Our ride across lake      

    Japan17.jpg (28164 bytes)               shopping)

                                       The Spectacular Miho Museum                   Toshogu Shrine in Nikko                    Mt Fuji from Hakone Nat Park


  cultural quilts Japan19.jpg (24160 bytes) quilt

             Aizenkobo                              Heian Shrine - Kyoto          Great Buddha     Shopping Mall in Tokyo                     Tsukiji Fish Market


                        Father and son at Himeji Castle                                 Some of our guests on tour  






                      MEMORIES FROM SPRING 2014 Tour  

    Costume Society of America member Catherine Cerny recap of the Spring 2014 tour

We have shared this adventure with many guests where the youngest was 9 years old and the oldest was...well, a very senior citizen.    Our plan is to walk a little and ride a little allowing folks to rest and not be run to death.   We also love cruising with idea of unpacking once and not moving about dragging heavy luggage.   We have incorporated this into our tour.    Guests on previous tours have met with friends, gone off on their own, used our tour to lead their families through the same adventure, arrived early, stayed longer, gone to a different venue/place as they have already "been there - done that", used air miles to make their own travel arrangements ......the bottom line is that we are flexible and have but one desire which is to share our knowledge with others.  

IF you are interested, we need to hear from you before we are sold out.  Just drop me an email CONTACT US.   In the meantime, please enjoy some photos from previous trips and TESTIMONIALS from previous guests.

Desire to do your own tour but need a helping hand (what to see, where to go, how to get there, when that special place is open/closed, how much you can fit into one day, etc), we are available to assist where our consulting fee begins at $150.


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